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Jumat, 16 April 2010

fanfiction -my write- X3

Fanfic Tsuru no Ongaeshi -Reituki Version-

Nyoooo~~~~ kiyo cuba bikin fic lagi karena kelamaan nganggur di rumah ==”. Sumpeh deh grammarnye ancur abisss, jadi gak berani ngeteg temen2, gomen ne ==”. Mungkin ada yang pernah denger cerita Tsuru no Ongaeshi (Balas Budi Seekor Bangau) ya? ^^, nah kiyo pake salah satu versi yang ada di seri buku cerita anak-anak hihihi *dasar bocah*, tapi dibaca lagi kok malah jadi gak layak dibaca ama anak-anak ya, hhhh ==a *baka*. Yak seperti biasanye pairingnye si Reituki, tapi da ofcnya dikittt… wkwkwkwkwk…. XDD

Title: Tsuru no Ongaeshi -Reituki Version-

Author: Kiyoshi Ruki Shiroki

Chapter: 1

Fandom: the GazettE

Pairing: ReitaxRuki

Genre: I dunno, maybe fluff or something ~.~

Rating: Dunno too XD *fool author ==”*

Disclaimer: Taken from another version of ‘Tsuru no Ongaeshi’ one of the Japanese Folklore Story (Nihon no Mukashibanashi) and I’m sorry I had mixed that ancient folklore with yaoi and made that’s story had a minus point *baka author ==”*. Reita and Ruki have their own peace life in Japan.^^

Note Author: Errr it’s my first fic in english and I have no beta. My english are very too weird and bad too, so I’m sorry if you can’t understand some parts in this story ^^v. And I will take a part in this fic as Reituki’s child, hohoho *yay it’s my hidden desire right now, hahaha XDD* lol


Long, long time ago in a poor small house in the small village in Japan, there was a young poor couple living peace at their life. They live far from the city and a husband only work as farmer, but hen the snow season began, he can’t work in their farm as usual. Therefore, in the snow falling everywhere like today, a husband goes to city for sell some firewood to get some money.

Ru chan, I want to go to a city now” Reita stand up near their house’s door with full firewood on his backpack.

Be carefull, Rei!” A small figure cute guy with a kimono comes from inside then kissing his beloved husband’s cheek and giving him bright smile.

Itte mairimasu!” Reita’s simple lips smiling brightly and after kissing his honey lips back and leave his honey at home.

Itte irrasshai!” Ruki give his best smile for support his belove guy’s work, although their live in poverty condition but they have happy live together.

In addition, he must pass a small forest before the city and so far, the falling snow in the morning doesn’t make his spirit gone. Suddenly he hears a small noise come from above a pine tree.

Nee, what’s that?” Reita look around a pine tree and then he sees a white crane caught in one of the pine’s branch. A poor crane’s feet were injured, some noise that he hears is come from a crane and it’s sound like a human crying now.

Poor crane, okay wait!. I will help you” Reita took his backpack off then put in near the tree, and then he climbs a tree and then holds the pine’s branch to free a crane.

Chotto matte ne, I will heal your pain” Reita take a crane’s in the ground and then put off his noseband to covers a crane’s ijured foot.

Yatta… now you can go” He smile when look a white crane crouching it body many time to give a thankful to Reita’s kindliness. Then a crane flies away with the beautiful white wings in the blue sky. After that, Reita continue his journey to goes to city without his lovely bandana that always covering his nose.


Today snows are falling down all day long and continue until midnight come. Every people in this village are already fallen a sleep right now, but it’s not a young couple in this story do at this night. They still open their eyes and sit on their tatami that covering their poorhouse’s floor together. Now Reita is counting money that he gives from the firewood’s sell today. Ruki just see what his honey do and try to put a blanket in Reita’s body. “It’s very cold, dear.”

Thanks sweetie”

Hey, where’s your noseband?”

Ohh… I… I put it off, because it is so dirty” Reita never wants Ruki to know that he had given that Ruki’s present noseband to an injured white crane.

Oh I see. And now what’s wrong again, Rei?” Ruki saw his belove’s pout after he was finished to count his money.

Hhhh.. I only got 1.000 yen today Ruu, that’s not enough for a week. I’m sorry!”

Daijoubu da yo. It’s quite enough, we still had some money from the last harvest. I can try the best to manage it for a week” Ruki move his hand closer to Reita’s hand and take the money to save in his wallet. “I’ll keep it. Otsukaresamadeshita, Otto-sama!”

Hmmm… I trust you, ore no Oku-sama” Reita move closer to Ruki and then hug him tightly. He caresses his belove’s hair and kisses Ruki’s forehead, Reita whispering something too in Ruki’s ear “Aishiteru, Ruu!”

The younger’s feel now is in the air right now, his face already going like a red momiji right know. “Itsumo anata o aishiteiru bakari da! (I always love you,red)” Ruki stares the older’s eyes deeply and give him a gently kiss.

Reita smile softly then hug Ruki’s thight kisses his belove lips deeply, and then put Ruki’s kimono off. Reita kisses Ruki’s forehead, cheek, neck and another part of his belove’s body one by one. Without any words both of them were on the high now, the couple was already to make a love game in the floor now. They’re never mind although the snowstorm is still occur that night and made midnight winter bad weather can disosder their imune’s body later.

knock knock… knock knock…’ Suddenly a load noise comes from their house’s frontdoor.

Ouchhh… shitt!!!” Reita stopp his act and then shook his head.

Dare darou? ” Ruki wake up his body and then try to tight his kimono.

Gomen kudasai. Gomen kudasai!” A girl voice was hearing along the knock’s door sound. Ruki and Reita were already stopped their act now, and then go to the front door to know who’s girl was disturbed their in midnight.

Oyaa, chotto. I will open the door. Who’s there?” Reita is direct to unlock the door and open it. Both of the couple was shocked when seeing a little poor girl with kimono stand up in front of their frontdoor.

Dare da ne?. Omae san-wa?” Ruki stare at a girl brown’s eyes softly and then he get rid snows that covered her black long hair.

Gomen kudasai. I was lost because snowstorm and can’t find the way to home. Oba-sama, Oji-sama, may I have to stay here for one night please?”

Ohh kawaisou!. Come in dear, you can stay here for a long time too if you want” Reita give his best smile to a small pity girl in front of him.

Do..doumo arigatou!” A girl smile brightly.

Come on, little girl” Ruki hold a little girl hands thight and then they enter the house together.

Hey, what’s your name little girl?” Reita asked

Ah…. I’m kiyo, twenty years old. Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu!” That girl crouch her body as self-introduction.

Ahhh kiyo-chan, yoroshiku!. I’m Reita and this is my wife”

I’m Ruki. Youkoso kiyo-chan!!!”


In the next day, a girl wake up early, she was washing the couple’s clothes, and reparation a breakfast, she want to do something to a couple’s goodness. Then when Ruki and Reita wake up, they were so surprised, there was a simply breakfast that already lying in their house’s kotatsu.

Ohayou gozaimasu!” Kiyoshi give her best smile to them and manage her cokked in the kotatsu.

O… ohayou!!! Nee kiyo-chan, this your cooked??”

Ah oba-sama, gomen kudasai. I’m not had a permission to use a kitchen before”

Daijoubu dear, you can do it everything in there if you want” Ruki holds a girl shoulder and shook her hair softly.

Uwaahhh… oishisou ne!!!” Reita saw rice with grill fish and miso soup in front of him that made he’ll be hungry. “Ruu, kiyo-chan, come on let’s have a breakfast now!!!”

Then after they have a breakfast, they still sit on a kotatsu until a sun rises on the top. Well, a snowstorm last night made their village is full with snow everywhere, most of the villager does not have a spirit to work causes this day is still weekend.

Nee kiyo-chan, I have a quest for you. Why are you still in outside in the midnight, dear? I’m sure that your parents are worried about you”

I don’t think so, oba-sama. My parents was died, since five years ago I live in the other family’s house, but I want to not disturbing they again, so I go out to find some works in a city, but then the snowstorm made me lost my way. Can I’ll stay for a while in this home, please?” A bitter smile appears from a little girl face.

Hm… I think it’s better if we took you as a kid too” Reita hold his honey’s hand thightly. “There is no child in this house. And I’m sure that Ruki is very glad if you be our child, dear” Ruki give his bright smile when Reita told about that, he is really agree about his belove’s decision.

Ah.. I do. It’s very nice to hear that. But, maybe I’ll be disturb you all… so I…”

We never mind about it. I’m very glad if you can be a part of us. So do you agree honey??”

Un, mochiron. Oji-san, oba-san, doumo arigatou gozaimasu!” A sweet smile appears of a girl sad face right now.

You can call me Mom, too dear”

Otou-san, okaa-san, douzo yoroshiku onegai itashimasu!” Now she has a home again, she has a mom and dad again, she has a family that he ever had before, her new life is begin right now.

Mada tsuzuku….


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